International coffee shop chain
Coffee Cup to Go
The combined logo consists of a font and a sign. Below are 2 versions of the logo: the full version and the simplified version.
When placing the logo on the color background, part of the logo is white, the other one is black. The exception is the use of the logo on purple and black backgrounds (white and orange). It is forbidden to use the logo in one color.
Applying a logo on
the color background
The logo's color combinations are designed for precise visual impact and immediate recognition. The following colors are the basis of the corporate identity color palette.
Color scheme
Recommended fonts for the design of branded media. Several different text styles are used in the design of the media: headings, subheadings, and footnotes.
Corporate fonts
The graphics used in brand identification are a combination of different masses of elements of the brand colors. To give the brand dynamics, the angle was set to 20. He must move FORWARD and UP! To give a soft and uniform style to the whole identity, we added rounded corners.
It is not recommended to distort the proportions of the logo, paint the logo in non-corporate colors and gradients, or add a stroke.
Don't use logo like this
We tried to create not just an identification of a coffee chain, but a brand that speaks the same language with you. Simple playing headlines, the usual messages in messengers, create a sense of communication between the brand and its consumer, modern and active
Business cards
Two types of business cards have been developed
- corporate and personal.

On the general back there is a QR code, in which it is possible to encrypt the information at the discretion of the marketer.
The format is 90x50.
Full-color, double-sided printing.

Communication is based on thematic images and on communication with the audience.
Фирменный бланк
When making up materials for staff, this type of footer is used. Taking it as a basis, a letterhead was developed, on which it is possible to print various materials for internal use.
Comfortable and functional unisex items and metal badges with the position of an employee.

T-shirts / Sweatshirts / Hoodies / Caps / Hats
Corporate documentation
Design of corporate documentation covers for communication with the company's staff.
Stickers are designed for different media: personal-phones, laptops, etc. , and for branded products-glasses, cars, etc.

The development of stickers is possible indefinitely in both offline and digital environments.
Paper cups
Single design in three colors for paper cups. Large — green; Medium-orange; Small-fuchsia.

Print in two colors for all three types.
Plastic cups
They "speak" in your hands!

Always unique and bright design of plastic cups thanks to the branded sticker.
Using menus on displays eliminates the need for constant production and installation when changing positions.
The developed rules are transferred to all promotional materials. Outdoor banners and layouts in social networks.
Transport branding is partially implemented — either in orange or green colors. It also uses a short and succinct phrase for communication and a logo.
Coffee Packaging
The coffee packaging is branded on a black doypack bag with a zip-lock.

The key figure in the design concept is the illustrations of the characters with a reference to the coffee growing region.
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