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Take answer for questions about the future project.
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What is the name of your company?
Should there be a descriptor company in the logo?
A descriptor is a signature under the logo that describes the companys activities (toy store, law firm, accessories and clothing, etc.)
What does your company do?
Describe your service or product. This will help us find the right ideas. The more information about the company, processes, and final product — the better.
What does company name mean?
Why did you choose this name? What does it mean to you? This information will help us find additional images for your logo
Do you have a website?
If you have, please let us know if you are going to change it or if we can focus on its style
If you already have a logo, what exactly you don't like about the existing logo?
Your сompetitors
How is your company different from your competitors?
What is the cost of the product or service you sell?
What is your target audience?
What emotions should the client have when contacting your brand?
What are the main channels of interaction with your target audience?
If you have already developed your brand’s mission and motto, please mention them below
What format do you think the logo should be in?
May be you have a preferences to the style of the logo?
For example, you would like a logo with a character or a logo in the form of a coat of arms. If there are no preferences, you can leave the field empty
Can the logo be abstract or should it be associated with any specific images?
Should the logo contain a hint to the companys field of activity?
How would you define the main attributes of the logo?
What items are related to your business and can be used by us in logo?
This information will help us choose what will be displayed on the logo. For example: mechanisms, sensors, and program code, etc.
What items and images should not be used?
Do you have any preferences for the corporate style and logo that were not mentioned in the brief?
Do you have any preferences regarding the colour scheme of your logo?
Give examples of corporate styles that would suit your project
What are the objects of corporate identity should be developed?
Don’t forget to mention if this project has to be completed within a fixed timeframe. Also, if it’s possible, please state the project budget.
How many people make the final decision?
What is your name?
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